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The TerraBuilt Construction System will create jobs and microeconomic development opportunities. Automated block production process that does not require highly skilled labor.

  • Exceed UBC and Adobe Block Standards.
  • Dimensional precision of 1/64” on all sides.
  • Made from 100% subsoil, or 92% subsoil and 8% cement for greater compressive strength of 2,240 psi.
  • Tongue and groove block design that allows for mortarless dry stack construction.
  • Mortarless construction reduces costs and eliminates a point of thermal leakage.
  • Ready for immediate use; cure in the wall.
TerraBuilt Structures
  • A building system that is compatible with traditional and alternative construction techniques, including roofing and framing systems.
  • Superior energy efficiency due to thermal mass benefits.
  • Excellent resistance to hurricane winds and seismic tremors.
  • Fireproof, non-combustible and waterproof.
  • Bullet proof to small arms fire such as AK-47.